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Water Heater

Leaking Water Heater, B's Plumbing Can Help!

Have you ever come home to a leaky water heater? It’s usually not a pretty sight. Water all over the place. That’s when you need to call a qualified licensed plumber that is skilled in the installation of the different types of water heaters. Here at B’s Plumbing we have the knowledge and the skill to install it correctly to code the first time. An incorrectly installed water heater is dangerous and could be life threatening if not functioning properly. So don’t hire the unlicensed handyman to install your Water Heater contact B’s Plumbing to have the unit installed properly.

Now-a-days there are so many choices when it comes to choosing a water heater. There is the conventional gas or electric, on demand, power vent and heat pump water heaters. Not only do you have to think about the cost associated with it, but you also must think about proper size and is it energy efficiency. We have installed all types, different sizes and fuels of Water Heaters.

Allow us to help you with your selection process. Not only can we assist you with your selection, but we can also perform your installation quickly and safely to code.

B’s Plumbing Inc is the company to contact when you are looking for the installation of Water Heaters or Plumbing Services. B’s Plumbing has been repairing or Installing Water Heaters in N.J. for over 35 years.

B’s Plumbing installs Conventional Gas and Electric Water Heaters. We also install Direct Vented, Power Vent and On Demand Water Heaters. We have gone as far as making a check sheet for a Gas Water Heater and an Electric Water Heater for our customers in Southern New Jersey. This will make the replacement of your water heater as easy as looking at a picture.

Standard Install: Apply for Permits, Drain, Disconnect, Reconnect to existing gas or electrical connections & chimney connectors. Haul away old. Any alteration to meet code requirements will be quoted before work begins. All electrical work to be performed by a NJ Licensed electrical subcontractor. Permit cost varies with each municipality and is not included in quotation.

B’s Plumbing is the best place to get your water heater serviced or replaced quickly! If you are without hot water, we can get you back to taking a hot shower usually the same day. Let us help you get your water heater serviced or replaced today by professionals you can count on.